Upcoming performances

July 15       Rich Oddie DJ set : Rural Festival pre-party - Yunomaru Highland, Japan

July 16       O/H live : Rural Festival - Yunomaru Highland, Japan

August 26   Orphx live w/ JK Flesh : Atonal Festival - Berlin, Germany

August 27   Orphx live : Festival Forte - Castelo Montemor-O-Vehlo, Portugal

For all bookings, worldwide, please contact carola@pullproxy.com



Recent and upcoming releases

January 4: Orphx remix of "Prototype V" by Kalter Ende on the Concerns label

January 15: Orphx remix of "Abjura Detesta" by Auto Da Fe on the Falling Ethics label

January 21: Orphx remix of "Vesperum" by Ricardo Donoso on Denovali Records

April 1: Orphx remix of "Methadone" by Dead Sound + Videohead on Coum Records

May 6: Eschaton II (Orphx + Ancient Methods) 12" on Token Records

June 9: Orphx remix of "Signs" by Ricardo Garduno on Nachtstrom Schallplatten

June 20: Orphx split 12" w/ Rrose on Khemia