Upcoming performances

January 23 : Eschaton (Orphx + Ancient Methods) live : OFF - Paris, France

February 4 : Orphx live : Live Lab, McMaster University - Hamilton, Canada

March 4: Orphx live : The Bunker - Good Room - New York City, USA

March 5 : Orphx live : La Sala Rossa - Montreal, Canada

March : Eschaton live in Europe : details TBA

May : Orphx European tour : details TBA

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Upcoming releases

January 4: Orphx remix of "Prototype V" by Kalter Ende on the Concerns label

January 15: Orphx remix of "Abjura Detesta" by Auto Da Fe on the Failing Ethics label

January 21: Orphx remix of "Vesperum" by Ricardo Donoso on Denovali Records